There's lots of 'how...why...and what if...?' in Science lessons at Berkhampstead and curiosity is positively encouraged. Learning by doing is key and our science is very 'hands-on'.


Enjoyment and involvement are central to Science lessons. Whenever appropriate, the children will complete an investigation themselves so that they understand and remember topics well. They learn good experimental technique and safety in the lab and regularly work with others and independently on a variety of investigations.


Children see how the science that they have studied in the Lab is used in everyday life. They are encouraged to go home and find out, for example, where magnets are used, which plants in their gardens thrive and why, or what materials can be found around the houseā€¦

Active Science

Science Week is a highlight of the Summer term and features children choosing a series of investigations they would like to try. Popular choices include Save the Egg, Creating Volcanoes and the Tallest Tower.

There are trips or visits for each year group, to extend learning in particular topics. Recent trips include the Cheltenham Science Festival and the Cotswold Water Park and the super Bristol venue We The Curious. We have also had visits from a former police officer who showed the children how science can catch criminals the CSI Berky experience!

On leaving Berkhampstead, each child has a firm understanding of the topics studied and of how to complete an investigation and can work with confidence in the lab of any secondary school.