Our pastoral care system is outstanding. Class teachers in Pre-Prep and Form teachers in Prep have close relationships with the children. Staff are easily approachable and children and teachers genuinely like and respect one another.

Close-Knit Community

Children are happy at Berkhampstead. It is a close-knit community, small enough for the staff to know each individual child’s strengths, needs and idiosyncrasies but large enough to offer opportunity on opportunity. Our children are engaged, involved and listened to; young characters are given the confidence to blossom both inside and outside the classroom. Our friendly atmosphere is regularly commented on by visitors and praised by the inspectors.

The pupils emulate the excellent role models provided by staff and are very supportive of each other.

— ISI Report

Our Behaviour Policy uses the principle of, ‘Do as you would be done by…’ Children hear this message reinforced often and assemblies and CWB (Citizenship and Wellbeing) lessons support this. Especially kind acts - from whatever age child - are praised and often rewarded with a postcard sent home to share the details.

This simple message is easily understood by the very youngest and is applicable for life. The book from which we took our inspiration is available in each library.

Any pastoral concerns from pupils, staff or parents are referred to the Class or Form teacher. Issues are usually dealt with quickly and informally but are passed on, when necessary, to the Head of Pastoral Care or the Headmaster. There is a clear system for dealing with problems - here.

Do As You Would Be Done By

The school’s systems to promote good behaviour and to guard against bullying are highly effective.

— ISI Report



Praise is a big part of the Berkhampstead way of life and children receive rewards for good behaviour or excellent effort in the form of ‘bonus points’ which are earned for the House and also count towards Merit badges, issued when certain totals are achieved. For outstanding work or behaviour, above a child’s usual standard, Commendation certificates are awarded in assembly.

Pupils have high self-esteem which is fostered through the citizenship and well-being programme, which prepares them for future challenges and experiences.

— ISI Report

Class Assembly



Achievement certificates, Sparkle Statements and stickers are eagerly received for good effort and good behaviour in Pre-Prep. The children love to receive these and take genuine pleasure in seeing their friends rewarded. Children can reach for the stars on the Behaviour Chart and see their progress over the week - it’s possible to move down as well as up and this acts as a positive visual motivator which is easy to understand.

Reception’s WOW certificates can be earned at home or school and the children thoroughly enjoy telling everyone all about these.

From the Kindergarten onwards the school is highly effective in meeting its aims to provide a happy, caring, family environment.

— ISI Report

The House System

In the Prep Department, all rewards count towards an Inter-House Competition. The Houses - St George’s, St Andrew’s, St David’s and St Patrick’s - were established by our founder in 1945. Children develop a real affinity with their House and it allows them to interact and develop friendships with others outside their teaching groups and Forms.

Inter-House Sports competitions are keenly contested, as is the Pancake Challenge, which sees pupils running frantically around the MUGA, pausing to toss pancakes at pre-determined points, whilst being cheered on by the rest of the House! Pancakes are coloured to represent each House and the competition is fierce!

House Pancake Races!