Drama stimulates and excites pupils. An outlet for self-expression, it allows the development of artistic awareness and imagination. It promotes confidence, fluency of speech and allows the demon 'stage fright' to be met head on and vanquished!

The opportunities for drama at Berkhampstead are seized eagerly by pupils and performances are thoroughly enjoyed by staff, the children and the appreciative audiences. Pupils learn organisation, co-operation, self-respect and respect for others, discipline and self-knowledge.

It all begins with Early Years’ concerts, then moves on to Pre-Prep Nativity plays and class assemblies; children at Berkhampstead become very used to being on stage, standing tall and speaking out. Harvest Festivals, Christmas Nativities and services are held at All Saints’ Church and give children the opportunity to perform in a different venue with a large audience - the children rise to this!

Our Own Shows

When children reach Year 2, they graduate to the ambitious and wonderful productions penned by our Deputy Head Mrs Agg. With original songs, great scripts and roles that are cast to suit each child, the productions are always tremendous fun! All of Year 2 take part in the Verse Speaking section at Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts. Eventually our pupils reach large scale productions as they enter their final years at Berkhampstead, and the Leavers’ Play is a highlight of Year 6. Recent productions have included Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies, Ye-ha!, Alice - The Musical, Emil and the Detectives and the hilarious Pirates of the Curry Bean


The Berkhampstead Drama Department is dedicated to:

  • The harmonious education of every single pupil.

  • Actors working as a team.

  • Encouraging support and friendship amongst actors.

  • Using the finest literature available to develop pupils’ education and self-knowledge to the highest degree.