Year 2

They've come a long way and learnt a great deal. As Year 2 reach the top of the Pre-Prep they're ready for anything! Responsibilities are there for the taking and they rise to them.

What do they do?

They become Play Leaders and School Council reps, they take key roles in the drama productions, they look out for the little ones and are figures for them to look up to.

They take their first steps onto bigger stages, performing on the school stage, with the older children in the Spring Concert at the Pittville Pump Room and at the prestigious Cheltenham Festival for Performing Arts.


Who dunnit? This was the question was on everyone’s lips as Year 2 puzzled through a complex series of clues to crack the code on History Mystery Day. A whole range of skills were used and the children rushed from one clue to the next, determined to find the villain. Super exciting ‘learning by doing’ was the order of the day, as you can see from the smiling faces.

Growing up

At the top of the Pre-Prep, the children love the responsibility of their position. Over the year, they take on more challenging activities - joining the Prep children for Chess Club, touring the Prep school, trialling musical instruments on Music Taster Day and enjoying PE lessons in the Prep grounds. They become ready for the next stage and embrace it when Year 3 arrives!