berky gets greener

Environmental issues have always been close to our hearts, and in 2019, we launched ‘Berky Gets Greener’ - a movement dedicated to protecting the environment.

The Eco-committees - one in the Prep School and the other in the Pre-Prep School - are made up of representatives from each class, and their aim is to promote a more careful use of our planet’s resources in school, at home and in our local community. Green improvements in school initiated by our passionate eco-warriors are plentiful and include the switch to motion-sensor lights, the recycling of crisp packets and batteries, and the improved recycling of paper. The team are regularly seen armed with litter pickers collecting rubbish around school. They also enjoy playing an active part in school events such as growing plants to sell at the Summer Fete.

We encourage all of our pupils to lead a greener lifestyle, and everyone from Reception to Year 6 can take part in the ‘Berky Eco Pledge.’ The Prep School children are expected to fulfil five of the ten pledges, and Pre-Prep children must try their hardest to fulfil three of the simplified version. All the children are expected to ‘Spread the Word!’ The pledge has been planned to demonstrate the pupils’ commitment to the eco cause in pictures and writing, and if they complete the Berky Eco Pledge, they are awarded with a smart Eco-Warrior badge to wear on their blazers. To see the pledges - and to complete the form - please click below:



We are proud of our Eco-Schools silver status

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