Outside the Classroom

Experiential learning is the key to real understanding. Learning by doing, playing, getting wet or muddy, dressing up and actually taking part in things is learning for life and is what memories are made of.

Getting Out There

Run along the battlements, storm the hilltop, be awed in a planetarium, load a cannon, paddle your own canoe - all possible on Berkhampstead trips - where topics spring to life! If dressing up is your thing, we offer that too - as a Tudor, an evacuee, a Victorian schoolchild…there are plenty of opportunities.
Adventure centres, stately homes, theatres, museums, environmental centres, castles, rivers, the forest, We The Curious …the list goes on!

playing the part

The Steam Museum provided a real wartime experience when Year 6 were evacuated there for the day. Having made gas mask boxes and ration cards, they dressed the part and looked very authentic in their tanktops and berets. The cramped air raid shelter, the fear of being chosen last - or not at all - by host families, the singing to keep up the spirits, all made for a truly memorable experience.

Berkhampstead Evacuees

Residential Trips

Eagerly anticipated, trips away from home give lots of opportunity for self-discovery and learning. Our children have the opportunity to visit the Viney Hill Adventure Centre during their time in Prep.

They develop character and friendships, resilience and independence - and a real appreciation of the comforts of home! Most importantly, the children come to see just what can be achieved by working together and supporting one another.

Off Site Visits

Year 6’s Rivers investigation, using iPads to photograph and record river depths, widths and meanders, was a great success.
Most of the children and all of the iPads stayed dry - phew!

Sulgrave Manor proved a fabulous venue for bringing Tudor times to life. The costumes, role playing and music made it a memorable experience for all involved.

Getting People In

We LOVE visitors and have welcomed the Minibeast Experience, the History Man and the Carducci Quartet; we’ve done workshops in wire sculpture, skipping, capoeira and Indian dance - it’s an impressive line-up!

The Gamelan Workshop provided great ‘hands-on’ fun for all!

The children were aquiver with excitement when the Fire Engine came to school. Linking in with work on the Great Fire of London, they learnt about how the Fire Service started and how to stay safe.
Everyone heard the sirens - so very loud - all had fun clambering inside the fire engine, pretending to drive and trying on the fire fighting kit!