Outstanding Grammar School test results are testament to our stimulating and supportive approach. Our pupils gain a significant number of the coveted places each year. Equally, the number of scholarships to Independent Schools is impressive.

Many older pupils are successful in gaining places at selective senior schools.

— ISI Report, November 2023

Expert Staff

Approachable and enthusiastic, our staff are quick to innovate and are interested in the individual. Staff and pupils have the Berky ‘can-do’ attitude - our talented teachers bring subjects to life through role-play and practical work, using iPads and off-site visits, as well as more traditional methods.

We are delighted to have a good balance of male and female teaching staff and both boys and girls benefit hugely from this. Most importantly, our teachers are specialists who are passionate about their subjects. They are creative and committed professionals who inspire a love of learning.

Leaders ensure the pupils develop skills in all their key areas, In particular, pupils make rapid progress in developing their ICT skills in areas such as coding.

— ISI Report, November 2023

How We Do It

We develop each child’s innate abilities through high quality teaching, plenty of individual attention and by offering an exceptional range of academic, extra-curricular and sporting activities.

From age 3, children will experience expert French, PE and Music tuition - our staff inspire and stretch using their deep subject knowledge. This supplements the superb class teaching in Pre-Prep, where the small classes and individual attention allow children to build confidence and achieve.

Years 3-6 have specialist teaching for all subjects and move between the Science lab, Art and Music studios and other subject rooms for lessons.

The integration of ICT into the curriculum is comprehensive, Computing - featuring coding - is taught and from the youngest age children become confident with using a range of ICT.


Our children make excellent progress. Teachers differentiate work - extending or simplifying tasks to suit the child’s ability in each subject and Teaching Assistants give in-class support. If extra help is needed, our robust systems let all achieve their potential. Children visit the Boost Room for one-to-one lessons or assessments with our Learning Support teacher and special group sessions assist the children’s learning in literacy and numeracy. Our Maths Boost and Lexia Clubs are seen as really positive and worthwhile experience.

Class teachers readily support pupils and parents with additional home activities and strategies to help, where appropriate - both those who demonstrate strengths and talents and those who have difficulties.

The Next Stage

Each year Berkhampstead pupils gain a large number of scholarships to Independent schools. Many gain Grammar school places and others choose to go on to the excellent local academies.

We are happy to advise on the school that we think best suits your child’s needs and abilities. Our staff are very experienced with regard to the schools’ expectations and will offer support, advice and extra sessions in order to prepare children thoroughly for Entrance Tests and Scholarship exams and the Grammar School test. Whichever your preferred next school, Berkhampstead will help to prepare your child to thrive there.

Our record of Scholarship successes is excellent. Berkhampstead pupils regularly gain Art, Sports, Music and Academic Scholarships to a range of top Independent Schools.

Leavers' Destinations