Different places and environments; different societies and cultures are all studied in Geography. It's up to date and lessons are adapted to environmental changes in the real world.

Our Environment

By exploring and appreciating the interaction between the natural and human worlds, the children’s knowledge of where they live and their understanding of others increases. It raises awareness of our responsibilities towards the environment and other people. We look at a huge variety of topics: the weather, volcanoes and earthquakes, the coast and the impact humans have on our environment: deforestation, climate change and plastics in the oceans are crucial topics. We learn about mountains, maps and rivers and the the 3Rs - reduce, reuse, recycle, and have a very active eco-committee. We ‘visit’ Mexico, India, Antarctica and Kenya and a range of locations in Europe. Class based work involves text books, maps, atlases and websites.

Active Geography

Learning is enhanced by visiting trips and activities - The Living Rainforest, for instance, is a fabulous environment to bring lessons on the tropical rainforest to life for Year 5. Chapatti and Dahl making is popular as a part of Year 4’s exploration of India, the weather forecast from the ‘Berky’ studios where pairs record one another with iPads is fun and educational. We look at waste’s impact with a recycling workshop and the Year 6 river trip to the Wye and Severn - to measure and record water flows links computing and geography lessons in a really fun and engaging way!