We operate a 'family dining' system, where a member of staff serves at each table and good manners are promoted. Children and staff have the chance to exchange stories and to discuss their day - the social side is as important as the food.

Family Dining


Well-nourished children are healthier and able to think, work, play and learn better.

The children enjoy their meals and are encouraged to broaden their tastes. Food is cooked on-site in our school kitchens using fresh, locally sourced ingredients - much of the fruit and veg comes from farms in Evesham and meat is from Philip Dennis butcher in Witney, Oxfordshire. Our excellent catering team ensures that food is tasty, varied and of high quality.


Food Committee reps ensure that the kitchen staff receive feedback from the children and future menus are planned with this in mind. Our chef also takes account of what’s being studied - Japanese food was a big hit!

The menu is planned to provide a well-balanced and nourishing diet across the week and is checked by the nutritionist at Palmer & Howells our caterers. Lunch is two courses, and twice a week features a starter rather than dessert, in order to minimise sugar consumption. All dishes are made in school from scratch, including mid-morning snacks.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

— Virginia Woolf

What we eat

St George’s Day was marked with full English breakfast ……for lunch! Brazilian stew, a Chinese banquet, an Indian meal, home-made burgers on the 4th July and food tailored for French, Spanish and other themed days and, of course, Christmas lunch.

Roast lunch is a firm favourite with staff and pupils alike! The children really enjoy the food at Berkhampstead.

Packed lunches are nutritious and filling and ‘Match Tea’ is a popular refuelling opportunity, giving a chance for children, staff and parents to discuss the team’s performance and to socialise with the opposition.

By teaching children about food, where it comes from, how to cook it and how it affects their bodies, the resources and recipes equip children with the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch, as well as forming positive eating habits that will last a lifetime.

— Jamie Oliver

More than just lunch

Our raised beds for growing veggies and our fabulous Food Technology room mean that children experience each stage of the process of food production as well as enjoying nutritious lunches in school. They enjoy planting, harvesting, preparing and of course, eating the food.

Healthy snacks are prepared for the Pre-Prep children and all are taught the importance of eating at least ‘Five-a-Day’.

Prep children bring in their own snacks for breaktimes and we ask that they be healthy and sufficiently calorific to fuel the active time that they have here.

Snack Guidelines

Healthy and tooth-friendly choices include:

√ Fresh fruit √ Fresh vegetable sticks √ Bread sticks √ Currant bun √ Cheese chunks √ Pitta bread √ Sandwich
 √ Crackers √ Plain popcorn √ Fruit bread √ Rice cakes.

No nuts or snacks containing nuts are allowed, we aim to be a NUT FREE school (and to provide for gluten or wheat-free diets if applicable) but recognise that this cannot be guaranteed.