History thrives at Berkhampstead and throughout the school we aim to encourage a passion for the subject that will remain with the children forever!


We cover an extensive range of interesting topics and develop the children’s investigative skills throughout their time here. Their enthusiasm for the subject is enhanced by trips to a variety of historic sites such as Goodrich Castle, Swindon’s Steam Museum and the Black Country Living Museum.


The Early Years adopt a ‘cross-curricular’ approach to teaching history to our youngest children, and it makes up part of the broader subject of ‘Understanding the World’. The Pre-Prep continue with this effective cross-curricular method of teaching, and the history learning is very much hands-on, and is always great fun. One of the highlights of Year 2, for instance, is the now famous themed ‘History Mystery’ day, when everyone dresses up, and the children work together to tackle a series of puzzles to work out ‘whodunnit!’ History Mystery has been the most brilliant annual event here for many years, and has included Victorian, Stuart and Medieval-themed days.


When the children enter the Prep School, History is taught by subject-specialist teachers. Year 3s start by learning about the Egyptians and Romans, and by the time the children have reached Year 6, they teem with knowledge of Medieval History, the Tudors, Stuarts and Victorians.