Children aged 7-11 are taught by our subject specialists in the Prep department. Inspired by creative teaching, they enjoy positive relationships with staff who have the expertise to stretch and challenge.

Pupils make rapid progress as evidenced through the large numbers of places gained at senior schools with selective entry requirements.

— ISI Report, November 2023


The core curriculum – English, Maths and Science - is broadened and enriched by excellent teaching of Humanities, Modern Foreign Languages, Critical Thinking, Music, Art, Drama, Citizenship and Well-Being, Computing, PE and Games.

Critical Thinking lessons encourage a problem-solving approach; our children develop excellent reasoning skills and those who take the Grammar Schools Entrance Test do so with confidence. Children are thoroughly prepared for Independent Schools’ scholarship and entrance exams - we have an outstanding record of children entering the school of their choice.

A twice-weekly ‘Carousel’ afternoon gives all Prep pupils the opportunity to participate in activities such as Cookery, DT, Samba, Yoga, Fun Spanish and Team Building. Various trips, visiting speakers and exciting collaborative events such as concerts and drama productions further enhance the overall school experience.


Responsibility, working together and helping each other are key. Year 6 become Monitors, many choose to undertake our Platinum Award, which, based on the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, promotes initiative, independence and service in our senior pupils.

Small class sizes allow lots of opportunity for honing skills - every child has plenty of attention from teachers. A real range of opportunities is offered and the ‘have a go’ culture means that these are embraced.

Pupils experience a broad and balanced curriculum, suitable for pupils of all ages and abilities.

— ISI Report, November 2023