Citizenship and Wellbeing

Citizenship and Wellbeing lessons develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that children need to manage their lives, now and in the future. They focus on preparing for life and work in the modern world.

Wellbeing for Life

Teaching children to look after and maintain their wellbeing is a priority at Berkhampstead. Every child learns the importance of the Five Ways to Wellbeing and how to look after their mental health. We are proud holders of the Mental Health Champions and Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning Awards and both staff and children have benefited from the initiatives introduced as part of this.

Good schools have always understood the link between good mental health and achievement. Great schools have also understood the importance of staff mental health and well-being in this equation.

— Fiona Quan - Lead - GHLL

Experiential Learning

The children develop strategies in CWB lessons which help them to respond proactively and positively to situations they face both in and outside school. They learn about mindfulness and the importance of relaxation, about resilience and working in partnership with others.

Discussions and activities cover how to cope well, to keep healthy and how to understand and deal with bullying. Sessions look at friendship and diversity, government, money, resilience, the importance of good sleep and preparation for the challenges and opportunities in education and the wider world.


Our CWB lessons are engaging and are made enjoyable through discussions, role plays and activities. Children visit Gloucester’s SkillZone on several occasions during their time at Berkhampstead. This fabulous venue’s simulations bring learning to life and children can experience ‘real’ dangers and work out how to react to them in the fully interactive learning environment. They learn about how to keep safe on the internet and about safety issues in the home and beyond.


Visiting speakers include regular visits from the NSPCC and age appropriate sex and relationships education (SRE) from trained staff. The Paralympian, Issy Bailey visited and spoke about determination and resilience and how they are key to success in whatever you choose to do in life - the message fits with Berkhampstead’s School Motto - perseverantia vincit.