Our Ethos

“Perseverantia Vincit” - perseverance wins through. A belief in this is central to every child's success - in school and in life. This, along with a willingness to learn from mistakes, allows a 'can-do' attitude to emerge. It's been our School motto since 1945 and we are proud of it.

We Believe In


Togetherness and strong family values permeate every area of school life. We are a caring school and children thrive in our positive and supportive atmosphere.

Active Learning

Children learn best when they feel inspired, engaged and involved. They thrive in our non-pressured environment where they learn to think for themselves, to make mistakes and to persevere- vital for learning.


Every child experiences the camaraderie and thrills of competing at sport - all represent Berkhampstead in fixtures. They learn that teamwork will often win out over more skilful or bigger opponents and they enjoy the highs and lows of playing together.


There’s a genuine ‘have a go’ attitude here, particularly in Music, Art and Drama, and the standard is excellent. Your child can experiment without fear when expressing themselves creatively.

We are all capable of remarkable things. Berkhampstead children believe this and achieve!

— Michelle Bareham, Head of School.


  • To provide a happy, caring and fun environment, which encourages effort and achievement.

  • To foster a genuine feeling of community based on strong family and Christian values.

  • To provide a learning environment that is stimulating, exciting and varied where all pupils and staff feel respected and valued and will strive for excellence.

  • To focus on pupils’ individual strengths and support their weaknesses, to celebrate their achievements and to encourage the growth of self-confidence and the development of social skills.

  • To foster a ‘can do’ attitude to all aspects of school and encourage participation and enjoyment of music, art, drama and competitive sport.

  • To prepare all pupils in such ways that they are able to transfer confidently to the next stage of their education and ultimately to the senior school of their choice.

The happy, caring and fun environment is met through robust pastoral systems and a clear culture of care, which promotes pupils’ self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence.

— ISI Report, November 2023


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