“Every child is an artist”, said Picasso, and they certainly are at Berkhampstead! Art is found all around the school and enthusiasm for the subject starts young.


Our Art studio is light and airy and has a wonderful range of specialist equipment. It is a calm and creative environment where imaginations have free rein. They use a wide range of media during their time here including printmaking, collage, textiles, drawing, painting, 3D, photography and ceramics, making use of our on-site kiln. Throughout the school, links are made to topics studied in other subjects.

Lively and enthusiastic teaching involves and engages the pupils, encouraging high levels of creativity, particularly in Music and Art.

— ISI Report


Every child shows their work in the annual Summer Art Exhibition. This allows families and friends to admire the high quality of work the children have produced and gives the children a valuable boost to their self esteem.

Children are taught by an Art specialist from Year 3, and the most able and interested are prepared for Scholarships. Berkhampstead is enormously successful with Art Scholarships and pupils regularly win awards to local independent schools.

Pupils excellent artwork has been displayed at a National Art Exhibition for Prep Schools.

— ISI Report

Award Winning

Berkhampstead enters artwork - and has had great success - in the National SATIPS Art Exhibition and in the Malvern St James’ Prep School Art Exhibition. Our pupils visit art exhibitions as part of their learning. It is our aim to inspire and enthuse every pupil and for them to develop a life-long love of the creative arts.


Visiting artists inspire the children by running imaginative workshops. Recently, local mosaic artists from Tomato Jack Arts collaborated with Berkhampstead children on a set of eight mosaic panels depicting designs based on flora and fauna. The children were involved in every stage of the process, from the design, to the preparation of the tiles, to placing the tiles in position. Head of School, Michelle Bareham, commented, “We are all very proud of what we achieved together, the children worked very hard to produce such imaginative artwork.” The mosaics are displayed in the Jubilee Garden.