Our collaborative approach means that Berkhampstead children are accustomed to having an input and contributing. This gives them the confidence to take on responsibility. The range of opportunities here means that there's always something to take on as children become ready.

Platinum Award

We are proud of our Platinum Award. Launched in 2015 to mark our 70th anniversary, it is a super opportunity to develop the sense of responsibility that our children already feel and to let them achieve more than they thought possible.

The award is all about creating a thirst for adventure and having a go at new challenges. Its aim is to develop healthy lifestyles, community spirit and resilience - qualities that we know are fundamental to develop happy, focused and successful children.


All-round achievement is the key to the Platinum Award and every award is individual, tailored by the child to their interests and passions, should they choose to opt in.

Each child is given a logbook to track progress in four areas: Volunteering, Physical, Skills and a Residential Adventure or Expedition. There have been some creative ideas and exciting things are planned.


House Captains are elected and are a focus for all from age 7; they motivate and lead and a highlight for them is collecting the trophies when their House is victorious!

Year 6 rise to their role as Monitors and model good behaviour for the younger pupils. They help with the day to day running of the school, have duties and are able to shape the role to build on their strengths. They form a key part of the ‘buddy’ system which helps the new Year 3 children to become confident and happy when they move over from Pre-Prep.

Responsibility starts early and Year 2 get their first taste when they are made Playground Leaders. They lead playground games, select play equipment and toys and look out for the little ones. They take their role very seriously and are a huge asset at play times.


Each class from Year 2 onwards has an elected representative on the School Council and two Year 6 pupils lead the team of reps. We also have an Eco Committee, with representatives from all over the School. Our children are used to being consulted, and they learn the responsibility of valuing others’ viewpoints and accommodating them.