Understanding maths is an important life skill. Our specialist maths teachers help Berkhampstead children to develop enthusiasm for and a positive attitude towards mathematics and to apply its principles with assurance.


Confidence with maths equips children with the uniquely powerful set of tools to communicate and understand the world around them. These tools include logical reasoning, problem solving skills and fluency within the fundamentals of mathematics.


Our Times Tables ‘Rock Star’ programme is competitive and fun, what’s more, the children LOVE it! We use a range of techniques to develop sound numeracy skills. Plenty of practice and positive reinforcement is embedded in Berkhampstead maths lessons. The culture of learning from mistakes and embracing problem-solving means that children challenge themselves.


A range of calculation techniques are taught progressively. Children are given lots of opportunities to practise and apply their skills through problem solving activities, often set in real life situations. They receive positive encouragement and develop sound understanding.


The local pizzeria - what better place to learn more about fractions, weighing and measuring? The master class in pizza making, stretching dough and adding toppings was very popular.


The Berkhampstead food technology room provides an excellent environment for sharpening up estimating and dividing skills with the added bonus of something to consume afterwards.

A traffic survey outside school used tally charts and provided up to date data to graph and analyse. Children also have opportunities to compete in external competitions.