At Berkhampstead, we teach the children a wide range of computing skills and aim to instil in them plenty of confidence and the knowledge to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

Our computing curriculum is aimed at developing digital literacy and an understanding of an array of digital devices. In the Pre-Prep, children are introduced to typing, taking photos, recording video and internet research. These skills then enable the children to begin to explore photo editing, programming and making simple animations.

In the Prep School, the children continue with skills learnt in the Pre-Prep, and are also introduced to programming, simulation, website design, sound editing, digital imagery and graphics editing, along with the more traditional areas of computing, such as presentation, text and data handling.

All Prep children have an hours’ computing lesson a week, but use this knowledge in other lessons and often homework too.

Online safety is an integral part of our teaching, and we promote an emphasis on e-safety both within school and at home. This is taught in computing lessons and CWB.

We use iPad Air 2s and MacBook Airs, and all our classrooms have screens that are used to enhance their lessons and create a stimulating learning experience.


We are lucky enough to own a set of 18 ‘Spheros.’ Spheros are tennis ball-sized robots that pupils can program using mobile devices such as iPads, and they can move in any direction, spin, flip and change colour - they are tremendously fun! Another brilliant learning resource for our Computing department are Kubo Robots. These are fantastic for hands-on learning about the craft of coding and they introduce concepts such as Routes, Functions, Subroutines and Loops. Head of Computing Mr Banks and Reception’s Mrs Gargan are Kubo advisory teachers. Other recent technology purchases include two 3D printers. Year 6, for instance, have made keyrings and mobile phone cases.