Children aged 3 to 8 years may attend our Holiday Club which runs from 8.30am to 5.15pm during the Berkhampstead School holidays.

Holiday Club places must be pre-booked AND PAID IN ADVANCE to allow staffing and catering to be arranged.

A completed form should be submitted for each child as the details may differ re: allergies and diet. 

A place cannot be guaranteed on the day unless it has been pre-booked and confirmation of payment can be shown.


Procedure - once the booking form is submitted, you will receive an email regarding the availability of your chosen dates and a request for payment. Once payment is made, the confirmation of your child’s place(s) will be emailed. Please present your confirmation upon drop off.

IMPORTANT - A full week’s notice (7 days) is required, in writing, to for cancellation with a refund. No refunds shall be given for absence through illness or no show. Session dates may be changed by agreement and subject to availability.

Charges - £36.45 per child per day or £173.00 per child for a full week (five consecutive days). This includes snacks, lunch and tea.

Contact Holiday Club - mobile:  07908 067607

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pupil information

I would like to book my child:

contact details

secondary contact details

please indicate who will be collecting your child(ren) from Holiday Club

health issues

Does your child suffer from any of the following:

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please give full details below:

Dietary issues

Snacks, lunch and tea are provided, please indicate any foods which must be avoided below. N.B. We operate a ‘nut free’ policy for all meals provided and ask that no nuts are brought onto school premises. However we cannot guarantee the environment to be totally nut free.

Cereals containing gluten


Other allergens

Any other allergens or food intolerances

Does your child(ren) require a special diet specified by religion? (please provide details below)

Any other information that Holiday Club should be aware of e.g. must wear glasses all the time

Please indicate if your child(ren) can use face paints on:

If a child becomes unwell during time in Holiday Club, parents will be contacted and asked to arrange for him or her to be collected.

In the event of any medical emergency, illness or accident, I consent to any necessary medical treatment or dosage of any prescribed medicine to my child by a member of Berkhampstead Holiday Club staff.